OPPOSE VIRGINIA HB1030: Banning Human-Animal Bond

SB1030 referred to as the "Dangerous captive animal exhibits" legislation bans contact with animals. 

In today‚Äôs world our senses are bombarded with misinformation, political agendas, and deceptive legislative campaigns. The facts about private ownership of captive wildlife are drowned out by animals rights propaganda and misinformation. The facts and science behind the importance of private ownership and how it directly correlates to the conservation of species is key. 

  • The realities of the "wild" in the native habitat for ALL of the species on the list for VA SB1030, bear, cougar, elephant, jaguar, leopard, lion, nonhuman primate, or tiger, or any hybrid of any such animal is VERY GRIM!
  • These species, in their native habitats are subject to habitat loss, poaching, illness, predators, starvation, drought, and much more.
  • SB1030 vilifies "direct contact" with these animals, yet many forget that these animals were born in human care here in the U.S. and not extracted from their native habitats. 
  • These animals are domesticated and accustomed to human care. So, removing "direct contact" from many of these animals would be cruel and prevent proper care by their human custodians. Anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is pushing animal rights propaganda. 

Private owners of animals, active in wildlife reserves, zoos, circuses, game parks, and breeding facilities, are key to the survival of endangered species. 

Private owners contribute to breeding programs, promoting genetic diversity. Like any professionals, they are committed to the best possible outcome. To that end, private owners participate in interactive programs and interconnected partnerships to record and track data such as: paternity, maternity, breeding pairs, genealogies, genetic matches, and possible viable pairs.

Please click the link below and send your email to voice your concerns to the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Conservation, and Natural Resources Sub-Committee on Companion Animals.

The boiler-plate letter provided is only a guide. Please make changes to make it your own! 

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