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OPPOSE NEW HAMPSHIRE HB1388: Ban on the sale of dogs and cats in pet stores

New Hampshire HB1388 would prohibits the sale of dogs, cats, and rabbits in retail stores. “No pet store shall transfer cats, dogs, or rabbits at retail.  Nothing in this section shall prohibit a pet store from collaborating with an animal shelter facility or animal rescue organization to offer space for such entities to display adoptable dogs, cats, or rabbits provided the pet store shall not have any ownership interest in the animals offered for adoption and shall not receive a fee for providing space for the adoption of any such animals.”

Hearing Scheduled before the House Environment and Agriculture Committee on Tuesday,  February 25, 2020 at 10:00 am. 

New Hampshire HB1388 is a misguided attempt to violate consumer's rights to make the best choices for their families. 

HB1388 bans the sale of purpose bred, healthy, sound puppies and kittens with a paper trail back to the breeder in favor of animals sourced from facilities with little to no oversight or regulatory burden. Furthermore, it would violate the right of private businesses to source the best and most reliable companion animals to offer to their customers.

HB 1388 would promote the sale of shelter and rescue animals in retail pet shops, but prevent the owners of such establishments from benefiting in any way, as HB1388 prohits New Hampshire pet stores from receiving proceeds from the sale of shelter animals, and disallows pet stores from charging a fee for allowing the shelters or rescues to use their private businesses to generate sales for tax-exempt shelter/rescue organizations  which profit from these sales. 

The shelter and rescue industry is big business while remaining exempt from regulatory oversight. Many New Hampshire shelters having million dollar assets, according to tax documents provided by the NAIA. Click here for NH shelter asset table.

HB1388 will destroy jobs and revenue for New Hampshire while putting the health and safety of New Hampshire consumers and citizens at risk by forcing them to obtain a shelter pet with questionable health and temperament and no traceable history as to where the animal came from and what issues might be associated with the animal.

  • Mandating that pet stores provide animals from UNREGULATED sources while banning the sale of animals from licensed, inspected, regulated breeders is irresponsible and an insurance nightmare just waiting to happen. Typically, shelters and rescues do not carry general liability insurance to protect consumers. 
  • Pet stores are accountable, traceable sources for pets, and are legitimate businesses, which are self-sustained and bring a steady stream of tax revenue to the state of Washington. 
  • Pet stores provide veterinarian inspected, healthy puppies and kittens from licensed, regulated breeders. 
  • Pet stores also provide a health guarantee to each new owner. 
  • Pet stores provide veterinary care and consumer protection; pet stores help inform consumers to find the best breed to fit their lifestyle and family, pet store visits ensure compatibility with the prospective pet, and pet stores rely on customer satisfaction. 

HB1388 is written with a clear bias against both pet stores and breeders with the desire to put both out of business because they do not align with the ideology of the bill sponsors and the animal rights groups behind this legislation.

Legislators banning the sale of animals in pet stores is unconstitutional and simply cannot stand.

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