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SB625 will be heard before the Senate Finance Committee on Thursday, February  27, 2020 at  1:00 pm  Eastern Time. 

MD SB 625 would change the definition of Retail Pet Store to include, “A FOR–PROFIT ESTABLISHMENT THAT, BY INTERNET TRANSACTION, SELLS DOMESTIC ANIMALS TO BE KEPT AS HOUSEHOLD PETS.”    (Read complete bill here)

There is no definition of “internet transaction,"  so this could mean anything internet based, from having a website, a bragging page on social media, advertising a litter online, or even using an internet based online credit or debit card processing company, or PayPal.   

SB625 is an extremely broad,  vaguely written bill that would affect more states than just Maryland.

In SB625, the animal rights organizations behind this legislation is revealing their true intent to eradicate breeding in even the smallest, hobby-based capacity.

Maryland has already outlawed the sale of retail-bred puppies and kittens in brick and mortar, traditional Pet Stores, but now through SB625, they want to expand the definition of Retail Pet Store to include puppies and kittens bred in the home and sold by the little guy directly to the public.

Show and hobby breeders who have bragging pages online that use these pages as a point of contact with the public as well as those who conduct the whole service online. 

Many Show and Hobby breeders conduct “internet transactions” with show and hobby breeders in other states and overseas to ensure the best genetics, health, and conformation in their own lines, and there is no way to conduct these type of transactions without use of the internet unless you are wealthy enough with lots of time to travel abroad and around the country to visit the individual breeders in person. 

Rescues and shelters are exempt from SB625 despite the fact that "Retail Rescues" and many shelters advertise online and take credit/debit cards using online card processing services often conducting their unregulated business while remaining hidden from oversight.

The problems with SB625 are many due to the vagueness of the terminology. It could mean one thing, or it could mean 50 things. It all comes down to the sole discretion of the policing agency.  This is especially concerning knowing that HSUS and other animal rights entities are training Animal Control Officers and Law Enforcement Officers through "approved" training courses  to shut down breeding operations whenever they find them, for any reason, or made up reason. SB625 would give enforcement entities wide latitude to shut down any small show or hobby breeder in the state, no matter how pristine or healthy the the condition of the animals.

SB625 will do nothing to improve welfare standards for animals. 

SB625 WILL  increase the "Retail Rescue" industry, creating a monopoly on pet sales and resulting in more domestic and foreign imports of dogs and cats by tax-exempt organizations that have no regulation or oversight, no health certification, no care standards to which to adhere. 

In 2018 alone, according to the CDC,  Retail Rescues imported over 1 million dogs from foreign countries, many of which had falsified, insufficient, or NO health certifications. This has resulted in multiple cases of rabies, brucellosis, Asiatic strains of distemper, ticks, and flu viruses; screw worms, and various other parasites being brought into the US- all of these are communicable to humans. The rabid dogs were actually placed in homes prior to discovery of the rabies infections! Rescues and shelters do not have the training or oversight to ensure public health safety, nor are they required to, yet the State of Maryland would hand the entire pet industry over to them. 

Please  OPPOSE this vague and egregious bill.  

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