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The bill, also called the “Greyhound Protection Act,” would amend the Wire Act to prohibit gambling on commercial greyhound races. The bill would also prohibit gambling on open-field coursing where greyhounds and sighthounds are judged on their ability to chase down hares.

While the U.S. economy is suffering due to Covid, more and more families are facing financial uncertainty due to lock-downs and job loss. Many Americans are worried about keeping their homes and putting food on the table.

Meanwhile, U.S. Representative Tony Cardenas (D-CA) is now using this time to attack the already shaky state economy of West Virginia by destroying an industry and removing the $31 million dollars generated by greyhound racing in two West Virginia counties- Ohio and Kanawha- put more than 1700 people out of work, and take $314,000 in tax revenue away from the state.   

Why does a Congressman from California want to attack an industry in West Virginia? Because the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) disguised as Grey2K paid him to do so.

Through the Humane Society Legislative Fund, HSUS has paid this Congressman Cardenas to attack animal ownership in the United States through the guise of a "campaign donation." This means that this lawmaker, U.S. Representative Tony Cardenas has been paid by a lobbying organization to remove $31 million from the economy of the state of West Virginia, put 1,700 people out of work, throw thousands of greyhounds into the rescue industry to sell, and in return he gets to sit in Congress. Does that sound like a man dedicated to the welfare of animals? 

Greyhounds are athletes, bred to run. They love to run. But in order to reach their peak performance levels, they must be cared for properly- exercised daily, fed nutritious food, have clean and comfortable kennels, worked with and trained every day. Peak performance levels have to be developed; just ask any professional athlete what they have to do to stay in shape to compete.

The HSUS/Grey2K wants you to believe that working canine athletes could live in substandard conditions in small cages all day, every day, eating cheap food, and yet still be able to race at top speeds. This is absurd. Owners, trainers, and caretakers work hard to keep these dogs healthy, fit, and at the top of their game. Please contact your US Rep and let them know that you believe that West Virginia residents have the right to determine what happens in their own state, that you don't want an Animal Rights lobbying organization paying federal legislators to attack state economies and kill jobs because of a fringe ideology that manipulates the emotions of animal lovers to end animal breeding and ownership.

H.R.3335, the Greyhound Protection Act, has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee.
  • Intended to ELIMINATE the Greyhound Racing Industry nationwide
  • Amends the Wire Act to prohibit gambling on commercial greyhound races. 
  • Would also prohibit gambling on open-field coursing where greyhounds and sighthounds are judged on their ability to chase hares.
  • H.R.3335 is an attack on Working Animals and animal ownership!
  • Legislators who support this legislation are picking winners and losers in what is a highly regulated industry.
  • This legislation is synonymous with Cancel Culture.


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