Oppose FLA HB 45- An Act That Would Outlaw Pet Store Sales of Dogs and Cats

The State of Florida has filed a bill to ban all retail sales of domestic dogs and cats in Pet Stores. 

FLA HB 45 seeks to promote the foreign import of pets, the bulk of which are bred in China under no oversight or regulatory burden attached to the breeders, and who are frequently marketed through fraudulent advertising as being "meat dogs" . Pets raised for sale in the US have some of the strictest oversight and regulations in the world, and only licensed, regulated breeders are allowed to legally sell pets to Retail Pet Stores. Yet HB 45 would outlaw ONLY the sale of domestic cats and dogs- not "domestically bred" cats and dogs, but sales of ALL DOMESTIC CATS AND DOGS. Not only does that attack the jobs and livelihoods of licensed, regulated American breeders, but the broad and ridiculous wording would prevent shelters and rescues from offering domestic pets at pet stores as well. 

It's hard to tell if this is a poorly written bill or a deliberate attempt to further attack American  businesses during a time when so many American  businesses are on the chopping block, but the result would be the same- promotion of an imported item with the clear goal of creating a foreign market monopoly. This cannot stand. 

FLA HB 45 will destroy jobs and revenue for the State of Florida and beyond, while putting the health and safety of local consumers and citizens at risk by forcing them to obtain an imported pet with questionable health and temperament and no traceable history as to where the animal came from and what issues might be associated with the animal.

  • Mandating that pet stores provide animals from UNREGULATED sources while banning the sale of animals from licensed, inspected, regulated breeders is irresponsible and an insurance nightmare just waiting to happen. 
  • Pet stores are accountable, traceable sources for pets, and are legitimate businesses, which are self-sustained and bring a steady stream of tax revenue to the state of Florida. 
  • Pet stores provide veterinarian inspected, healthy puppies and kittens from licensed, regulated domestic breeders. 
  • Pet stores also provide a health guarantee to each new owner. 
  • Pet stores provide veterinary care and consumer protection; pet stores help inform consumers to find the best breed to fit their lifestyle and family, pet store visits ensure compatibility with the prospective pet, and pet stores rely on customer satisfaction. 

FLA HB 45 is written with a clear bias against domestic cats and dogs,  domestic breeders, AND consumers with the desire to put  animal-related businesses out of business because they do not align with the ideology of the Humane Society of the United States a radical animal rights group who is behind this ordinance. The desire to promote a foreign market-based monopoly is clear.

Law makers banning the sale of domestic animals in pet stores is unconstitutional, an attack on the free market, consumer choice, and small business owners, and it promotes foreign import of even more items over the sourcing of domestic items that support local economies.

Please click the tab below and customize the boilerplate letter to make it your own and urge the Members of the House Regulatory Reform Subcommittee to OPPOSE this ordinance to ban the retail sale of domestic dogs and cats.

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