Sign the Petition to Keep Horse Drawn Carriages in San Antonio, Texas!

The proposed ordinance to BAN horse drawn carriages in San Antonio, Texas also proposes that they be replaced with electric carriages and pedicabs.

A ban on horse carriages in San Antonio would destroy lawful, long-standing family carriage businesses. The horses themselves live a pampered existence under the care from trained equine husbandry experts.

NOTHING will ever be good enough for the radical animal rights groups who have been scheming to abolish these iconic carriages for several years, claiming the carriage rides are unethical and "inhumane."  

The anti-carriage movement is primarily spearheaded by organizations advancing an animal rights, animal abolition agenda which is an ideology based on emotion, not science or facts, and advocates that animals are equal to humans. 

It is true that carriage horses, typically large draft breeds, are bred to work; and horse-drawn carriages operate under strict, protective measures to ensure content and healthy horses while having regular oversight by equine veterinarians to ensure their health and well-being.

Urban working horses have lived among people in cities for hundreds of years, it is what they are bred to do.  

  • San Antonio carriage horses are strictly regulated to ensure welfare and safety standards. 
  • San Antonio carriage horses are overseen by equine veterinarians to ensure their health. 
  • Studies have revealed health benefits to children and adults when experiencing contact with animals. Why would San Antonio remove one of the few opportunities for this human-animal bond in San Antonio which brings a wholesome family activity to enjoy in the beautiful outdoors in downtown San Antonio?
  • A carriage ban supports elimination of jobs for both horse and owner, while the domino impact on jobs related to the industry would be extremely detrimental. 

It is imperative that we foster appreciation and learning about these majestic animals through licensed, regulated, safe and inspected carriage operations, not ban them out of existence.

We urge you to click the link to submit your signature to the petition. Your efforts are needed to oppose this ordinance and help the survival of this law-abiding horse carriage industry in San Antonio, Texas.

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