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Georgia HB 144 includes dogs, cats, and equine. 

Existing state laws already require State and County inspections for all breeders who have three or more breeding female dogs or cats. 

Creates the opportunity to change the number of animals sold to less than 30 at anytime. 

Classifies all breeders, even in-home ones, as a "Pet Dealer or Pet Dealership" This changes the law to mean that any person purchasing or selling a dog, cat or horse must be licensed with USDA in order to buy or sell. 

Forces a Health Certificate, which is the proof of shipping for the USDA to be required for any dog, cat or equine bought or sold into or out of the state of Ga. This overrides the face-to-face exemption given by the USDA for non-shipping breeders. 

Restricts all purchases for those living in Ga. to get the approval of State of Ga in order to buy or to sell a dog, cat or horse. 

Removes the individual discretion from a breeder by mandating added vaccinations, risking the health and well being of small breeds, by refusing to recognise vaccines given by non-approved sources.This removes the discretion of a breeder to vaccinate their own animals, or to adjust the dose to fit the size of the animal without causing a vaccine reaction. (Note: This does not apply to rabies, but simply puppy and kitten shots.) 



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