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Please send your emails directly to New York Governor Hochul requesting that she VETO the legislation banning retail pet sales sourced from lawful, inspected, regulated breeders. 

This pet sale ban is really a coercive mandate that pet stores comply with the animal rights organizations' demand that pet stores source their puppies and kittens from UNREGULATED, UNLICENSED, AND UNINSPECTED rescues and shelters while also removing consumer choice.

  • Shelters/Rescues are exempt from oversight and inspection. 
  • Despite the large volume of sales out of these non-regulated dog shelters, they are exempt from paying  NYS taxes! 
  • Importation of dogs from foreign countries without proper screening for parasites and diseases is very troubling! Many of the dogs entering the U.S. are often younger than the law allows and many have fraudulent veterinary documents. 
  • The CDC reports that approximately 1 million dogs have been imported for resale by 501-C3 "Non-Profit" shelter and rescue operations in 2019 alone. These animals have been proven to have a lack proper health clearances before being brought into the US, and have been imported into the U.S. such diseases as brucellosis, rabies, screw worm, several Asiatic tick species that cause disease in cattle, distemper, and multiple variations of influenza viruses.
  • American Veterinarian Medical Association has stated their concerns has stated their concerns about the foreign importation of dogs into rescue-shelters citing a threat to pork and other meat industries.
  • This ban legislation imposes a very serious threat to the public health and safety of New York citizens by MANDATING the sale of animals from an unregulated source, while banning legal, licensed sources of pets to sell.
  • This ban legislation advances the animal rights agenda to create a monopoly on sales from state-sponsored shelter-rescue pets over pets from breeders in the private sector.  
  • This ban legislation is not about protecting Consumers. There are sufficient laws already on the books that protect Consumers from fraudulent sales tactics.
  • This ban legislation is not about protecting animals. There are more than enough laws and regulations surrounding the care and welfare standards of breeding animals all over the country.
  • This ban legislation is about attacking small business, and is yet another attempt to create a monopoly for Shelters and Rescues.
  • And, finally, New York citizens should be extremely concerned that if this ban legislation is signed into law, it would make animal rights organizations' biased opinions law, forever targeting legal, licensed business owners and prohibiting a business model that makes access to purpose-bred, health-tested pets for consumers who prefer to purchase their pets from a retail pet store while negatively impacting the New York economy. 

Please click the link below to send your email directly to New York Governor Hochul to urge her to VETO the Pet Sale Ban Legislation to save jobs across New York!

Be sure to change the boiler plate letter provided and make the letter your own!

Thank you for taking action!

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