Stop the NY Rodeo Ban!

A2124 would prohibit "certain acts in rodeo events" statewide in New York.  This legislation has been referred to the Agriculture Committee. Hearing date to be announced. 

Rich with cowboy heritage and tradition, Rodeo is a long-standing competitive sport that was born out of the working practices of cattle herding. Madison Square Garden hosted its first rodeo in 1922. In a resurgence of this tradition, the historic venue will again be the center stage for one of the richest competitions in the century-long history of the sport. Rodeo New York is a creation by the Cowboy Channel and RFD-TV with the top contestants in the world competing, bringing jobs and revenue to the state of New York. 

At the urging of animal rights ideologue, Assemblymember Linda B. Rosenthal, some of the most extreme animal rights groups are behind A.2124 such as NYCLASS (New Yorkers for Clean, Liveable Streets), the organization constantly terrorizing while seeking to ban New York horse-drawn carriage companies; SHARK (SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness), a radical animal rights group that has harassed rodeos and the circus for over a decade. 

The sport of rodeo and the tools used are regulated under the rules of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) to ensure the proper care and treatment of rodeo animals. 

Like many animal-related events and businesses, PRCA sanctioned rodeos are highly regulated for the health and safety of the animals with strict oversight from on-site veterinarians.  Assemblywoman Rosenthal's false claims that "spurs are sharpened and flank straps fixed " to bring harm to the animals speaks to her ignorance about the sport and the 60-plus rules to ensure  oversight for the proper care and treatment of rodeo animals.

  • Bucking horses, bulls, and the horses ridden by contestants and roping cattle's instance of injury averages 0.0005% annually. 
  • The average annual workload of a bucking animal is 2 minutes a year. 
  • Careers start at 4 or 5 years of age when they are physically and mentally mature and generally span into their 20s for horses. 
  • A larger percentage than any other discipline are retired back to the huge, Western grasslands they were born on with family and friends.

Rodeo is the hybrid contest that showcases the skills of its community with roots deep in Americana — a community that is strong in ethical practices, family values, and compassion for both animals and human beings.

To what end will we allow this kind of banning of legal sports and animal use at the whim of the animal rights extremists?  This legislative attack against legal working animals in entertainment must STOP. 

Please send your email OPPOSING A.2124 to the New York Assembly's Agriculture Committee. 

Please use the boilerplate letter only as a guide, and modify the letter to make it your own. 


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