Oppose Rhode Island H5040- UnConstitutional Animal Abuser Registry!

RI H5040 would use false, unscientific information as a basis to justify violating the Civil Liberties of Animal Owners in Rhode Island!

In the very first page of this bill, the RI General Assembly would like you to know that the whole purpose of creating an "Animal Abuser Registry" is to protect the public from "animal abusers" because people " who abuse animals are statistically more likely to commit violent acts against humans and, in particular, the general assembly also determines that a strong correlation has been established linking individuals who abuse animals with incidents of domestic violence." Where have they gotten this information? Who conducted this study? Do they provide a link to this peer reviewed and statistically sound scientific information to prove that a need for such a registry exists? NO. They do not.

 In point of fact, this information comes directly from Animal Rights organizations such as the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and the Humane Society of the US (HSUS). They created this correlation, paid to create a study to “prove” their premise (exactly the opposite of how legitimate studies are conducted), and then have referred back to their flawed “study” as proof. This circular foundation of half-truths and misconceptions creates the public perception that this information is true, when it is not.

Creating an animal abuser registry based on mythology rather than scientific evidence is an egregious abuse of power. To set people aside for public persecution is bad enough, but to do so when the legal definitions of “Abuse” and “Cruelty” are constantly in flux as the Animal Rights organizations push legislators to redefine both definitions every other session is truly frightening.

Animal Abuser Registries are yet another way to violate the Civil Liberties of American Citizens who are also animal owners.

We have already seen where such registries have been used as a basis to remove the Constitutional Rights of the registrant to own a gun and to own property. Their privacy has been violated, their children removed; they have been submitted to harassment and vandalism. They have been barred from working in a field they have dedicated their lives to-all because of a fraudulent and flawed pseudo-scientific study created by Animal Rights groups to further attack animal owners and make animal ownership not work the risk.


Please join us in OPPOSING RI H5040 by using the enclosed boilerplate letter as a guide to creating your own letter that politely voices your opposition to this horrible bill. 

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