Oppose CT HB5800/SB66 - The Crusade to Ban Animals in Circuses, Carnivals, and Exhibitions Marches On!

Both HB 5800 and SB66 would have  you believe that "wild animals" are on display in Circuses, Carnivals, and Exhibits, but nothing could be further from the truth. 

In reality, there are no wild animals used in circuses, carnivals and exhibitions.

The animals used in these public venues are as “wild” as your house pets.  These

animals were not captured in the wild.  They have ALL been bred and raised in

human care and would never survive in “the wild”.  Therefore, this legislation is

without reason or logic and is not needed.


Circuses, carnivals, zoos and exhibitions are already highly regulated by the

USDA.  Strict regulations are already in place for animal care, veterinary care,

facilities, socialization and public safety.  The people who care for and train these

animals are highly skilled professionals who love the animals they work with.


There is no need for further redundant regulation.

Contrary to Animal Rights propaganda, animals in human care does NOT equal "abuse."

In reality, Private ownership of exotic animals/Animals in human care = Conservation.



Banning these animals would be a detriment to humanity.  Circuses, carnivals and

exhibitions educate the public of all ages.  Remember the look of awe in your

childs’ eyes when he/she saw these animals in real life?  The happiness on their

faces when they rode a pony, petted a lamb, handled a snake, fed a giraffe or let a

tarantula crawl on them for the first time?  Would you deprive your children by

limiting them to only photos of these animals instead of teaching them to interact

with live animals in their classrooms?


Aside from the benefits to the public, the knowledge obtained by the professionals

in this work, benefits humanity in many other ways.  Genetic and behavioral

research gained by these professionals aids in the conservation of all species.

Banning these animals is banning the jobs associated with them.  Banning these

animals will also adversely affect related businesses in your state.  Feed stores,

public facilities where these circuses and carnivals are shown, parking lots, gas

stations, restaurants, motels, vendor attractions, groundskeepers will all be hurt.

Loss of income equals loss of taxes and loss of income from permits.  Your good

intentions have a snowball effect of unintended consequences. 

What happens to the animals if these public venues are banned?  Loss of income

that allows these industries to afford the upkeep of these animals will likely cause

them to be surrendered to unregulated “sanctuaries”.  These animals were born and

raised in human care.  Their caretakers have supplied them with shelter, food,

veterinary care and love.  They don’t know how to hunt and feed themselves so

they would quickly die if set “free” to fend for themselves.  “Sanctuaries” are

unregulated so these animals do not receive the individual care they are used to.

Shipping these animals to “Sanctuaries” will expose these animals to predators and

diseases they are unable to defend themselves against.  Unlike the venues you are

banning, “Sanctuaries” do not breed these animals and their goal is not the

preservation of the species.  Prohibiting their use is denying them the human

companionship and love they were raised with. Prohibiting their use is writing their

death certificates.  Prohibiting their use will eventually lead to the extinction of

many species.


Please use the enclosed boilerplate letter as a reference to write your own polite, respectful letter to the members of the Connecticut Joint Environment Committee Opposing HB5800 and SB66.

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