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Scheduled to be heard on this Friday, January 31, 2020 in the Washington House Consumer Protection & Business Committee, HB2344 seeks to BAN the sale of puppies and kittens completely in "retail pet stores." 

HB2344 is a biased measure against small local pet store businesses, crafted and driven by animal rights groups to completely ban the sale of puppies and kittens in retail pet stores. 

Sponsored by Representatives Appleton, Walen, and Pollet, HB2344 criminalizes pet stores for selling puppies and kittens from USDA licensed, regulated breeders while urging pet stores to sell only pet supplies and allocate space to allow for the adoption of dogs and cats from shelters, yet "may not receive a fee for providing space for the adoption of any of the animals." (Sec 2:2)

Shelters and rescues are exempt from the laws that are required of USDA licensed professional breeders.

HB2344 will destroy jobs and revenue for Washington State while putting the health and safety of Washington consumers and citizens at risk by directing them to obtain a shelter pet with questionable health and temperament and no traceable history as to where the animal came from and what issues might be associated with the animal.

  • Mandating that pet stores provide animals from UNREGULATED sources while banning the sale of animals from licensed, inspected, regulated breeders is irresponsible and an insurance nightmare just waiting to happen. Typically, shelters and rescues do not carry general liability insurance to protect consumers. 
  • Pet stores are accountable, traceable sources for pets, and are legitimate businesses, which are self-sustained and bring a steady stream of tax revenue to the state of Washington. 
  • Pet stores provide veterinarian inspected, healthy puppies and kittens from licensed, regulated breeders. 
  • Pet stores also provide a health guarantee to each new owner. 
  • Pet stores provide veterinary care and consumer protection; pet stores help inform consumers to find the best breed to fit their lifestyle and family, pet store visits ensure compatibility with the prospective pet, and pet stores rely on customer satisfaction. 

HB2344 is written with a clear bias against both pet stores and breeders with the desire to put both out of business because they do not align with the ideology of the bill sponsors and the animal rights groups which urged Representatives Appleton, Walen, and Pollet to put forth this measure. 

Legislators banning the sale of animals in pet stores is unconstitutional and simply cannot stand.

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