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OPPOSE Anti-Breeder Ordinance in Burke County, N.C.

Messages Sent So Far

It is our stance at The Cavalry Group that this ordinance punishes legal, law abiding businesses and animal owners to satisfy the whims of radical animal rights groups. Especially concerning given the fact that the Burke County Animal Advisory Board is made up of owners/directors of non-profit animal rescue organizations which are anti-breeder organizations and often influenced by animal rights groups. 

The language and definitions in this proposed ordinance reeks of influence by PETA and the Human Society of the United States both of which lead national efforts to destroy law-abiding animal enterprise and ultimately animal ownership.  This massive over reach leaves private citizens at the mercy of a non-elected animal services enforcement director and officers trained by animal rights extremist groups who are unqualified but believe they are morally supreme to the rest of us.

The changes being proposed are too numerous to list. Accordingly, we urge you to visit the entire ordinance up for discussion by clicking here.

Among the provisions up for discussion are: 

  • Mandatory Spay/Neuter:  Whether policy makers intend it or not, mandatory spay-neuter laws are perceived by the public as oppressive, government intrusion, and violation of private property. This perception reduces dog licensing rates, reduces dog licensing income, reduces return-to-owner rates, and in the long run, can increase costs. 
It has been scienfically proven that early spay/neuter of animals increases their risk of a myriad of diseases including cancer, hypothyroidism, obesity, orthopedic disorders, and adverse reactions to vaccinations. 
  • Breeder and Pet Owner Regulations: The restrictions within this ordinance impacts animal owners, not just breeders, intended to "inhibit the abuse of animals." The County Board of Commissioners will give the animal services director the responsibility and discretion and authority to interpret, implement, and enforce the animal services program at their sole discretion. This individual will have the final determination of the care, treatment, control, impoundment, and disposition of animals.  Therefore, this section of the ordinance Advances the animal rights ideology by establishing a vague definition of "backyard breeder."  This ordinance exempts shelters and rescues from the same oversight.
  • Tethering: While any tool can be abused or misused, tethering meets both the physical and psychological needs of dogs while accommodating the needs of the community. Tethering in an abusive manner is already adequately addressed by most state and local laws, and a ban on tethering is NOT a solution. Tethering prevents dogs from running loose. Anti-tethering laws negatively impact rural communities.  Animal rights groups deliberately distort tethering statistics, as there is no factual basis for tethering bans. 
  • Exotic Animals:  New ownership of  "dangerous mammels and reptiles" are prohibited by private owners.  The animal rights absurd intent and inadequate understanding of exotic animals is in full display within the exotic animal restrictions in this ordinance by mandating that the existing exotic animals grandfathered in must be spayed or neutered.  See ordinance for full listing of exotic species impacted in this ordinance.  Click here

We strongly urge animal owners and breeders to voice their opposition to this "kitchen sink" collection of proposed changes.  

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