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Public hearing set for February 24, 2020 before the Charlotte City Council.   Charlotte City Council has been ambushed by the HSUS with misinformation and emotional pleas that have no basis in fact, yet they have been led to believe that banning exotic animal exhibition inside the City Limits of Charlotte will end the the non-existent abuse of these animals. They need to hear the truth!

Using a carefully curated perception of abuse, the HSUS and other Animal Rights (not to be confused with Animal Welfare) organizations have perpetrated a mass fraud upon the public- that the animals in traveling circuses MUST be abused in order to perform; that their very captivity is abuse in and of itself. This could not be more untrue. Abused animals CANNOT perform adequately. Neglected animals CANNOT perform adequately. Abused, neglected and fearful animals will make it abundantly clear that they are displeased, and cannot or do not want to perform. The people who work with these animals do so because they LOVE them. The animals perform because they WANT to.

It is essential that the public, and lawmakers, understand the ramifications of the elimination of private ownership and how it will be tied to extinciton of species. Please click here to read The Cavalry Group's There Is 'No Wild' booklet to learn more!

The City of Charlotte, NC is struggling to find reasons to comply with directives from the HSUS to ban circus animals, because that is this year's theme for the HSUS. There's no sound reason for this beyond the fact that the agenda of the HSUS to remove animals from human care marches on. In a similar attempt to ban circus animals last year in Wales, Rural Affairs Minister Leslie Griffiths said in a letter to the assembly's Rural Affairs Committee,

 :... many of the calls for such a law "focus on perceived animal welfare issues".Questioned by the committee about the ban on Thursday, she said: "I can't do it on welfare issues, because the evidence isn't there."The only avenue that's open is the ethical." Read the full article HERE .

Circuses that travel with animals are under strict oversight and regulation from the USDA, and are inspected often to ensure that the animals are cared for properly. Veterinarians travel with the circuses in order to ensure that they have access to species-specific medical care 24/7 and are under constant monitoring. Unhealthy, unhappy animals are unpredictable. Additionally, training methods are based in positive reinforcement techniques similar to those used with family pets, to encourage the animals to WANT to perform. Healthy, positive training methods create the healthy, positive performances of the animals we all see in circuses.  Animals who do not thrive in these circumstances are not forced to comply and are generally retired to sanctuaries and zoos where they will thrive. Researchers at Texas A&M have studied the welfare of traveling circus animals extensively and their conclusions found here and here definitively prove that these animals are cared for and trained with the best animal husbandry practices and welfare standards in existence.

A picture or video of an elephant tiger, or lion will never compare to the feel, sight, sound and smell of a live, breathing, warm animal. 

There is no valid reason to ban these incredibly educational, fun, family oriented events from the public.

Please let the City of Charlotte know that you OPPOSE banning working animals!  Please modify the boiler-plate letter provided to make it your own!

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