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Question: How do you destroy animal enterprise? Answer: You regulate it OUT OF BUSINESS.

In an agriculture-based state such as Iowa, during a time of economic recovery when small business should be supported by eliminating regulations instead of piling them on, Iowa HF 737, which just passed the Iowa legislature and is heading to the Governor's desk for signature, is a disastrous, animal rights-driven bill which will impose an intense increase in regulation and enforcement subject to the interpretation of animal control officers who will be tasked with enforcing it. 

  • HF737 is an effort by animal rights extremists to redefine what is considered 'humane treatment'  in an effort to appeal to loud sentiment from a small, very vocal minority. 
  • Especially concerning is the unconstitutional violation of due process, allowing for the displacing of one's animals before any disposition hearing should animals be confiscated.
  • HF737 is not only unconstitutional, but also prejudicial. What other industry faces such outrageous penalties including a psychological evaluation?!
  • HF737 is a knee jerk piece of legislation perpetuated to address  the bad actions of a few. Sad that we cannot enforce the welfare laws already in place instead of tightening the noose with an onerous and costly bill such as HF737. 
  • HF737 which will impact, not just commercial dog breeders, but ALL animal owners who will be subject to the overreaching penalties of HF737. 
  • HF737 is guaranteed to discourage animal enterprise in Iowa and will likely urge many businesses to fold. 

Most importantly, each piece of legislation passed at the hand of animal rights extremists further impacts ALL farmers, livestock producers and domesticated animal breeders with their so-called “anti cruelty” campaigns imposing unnecessary, onerous, prohibitive, and costly regulations that will result in the complete elimination of all pet and livestock breeding, farming, and agriculture in America. 

Please urge Governor Reynolds to VETO HF737. 

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