OPPOSE ALABAMA SB61 - The "Hot Dog Bill"

URGENT: This bill could be voted on as early as Wednesday, March 20, 2019 in the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee.

Alabama SB61 allows for immunity and breaking/entering a private vehicle based on a “good faith believe and NOT fact.  All that is required is for a person to “believe” an animal is in "imminent danger" and they are immune from any liability resulting in their actions.  

Laws should never be made on the “belief” that something MIGHT or COULD happen but instead should be based on actual fact.  

This bill leaves too many unanswered questions and could lead to unintended consequences in which innocent pet owners are left liable. 

For instance:

  •  What if the dog in the car was sleeping and perfectly fine and the window was broken?
  • What if the dog escapes the car only to attack someone?  Who would be responsible?
  • What if the dog jumps out of the window in fear and sprints into a major intersection and causes serious injury to a person or even death to a person?
  • Should non professionals have the right to intercede anytime there is a “belief” even if the belief is WRONG?
  • What if the “dog” being saved is actually a realistic stuffed animal and the person who had the “belief” that an animal was in danger was wrong?
  • What if person breaking into the car to save the dog is actually stealing the dog?  And claims immunity for the act?
  • Who will secure the rest of the personal belongs in the car after the window is broken?
  • If the dog attacks out of fear or negligence of the “rescuer” will the dog then be declared “dangerous” and subjected to the new Alabama Dangerous Dog Law?

While we ALL agree that we do not want to see ANY animal left to die in a hot car, care must be taken that the law written protects all parties involved.  

This Bill is poorly thought out and can lead to serious consequences in which innocent people may be held accountable and liable for someone else’s mistake. Pet owners need to protect their animals and themselves from this horrible bill.

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THANK YOU for taking action!

The Cavalry Group Team