Both HB1268 and SB641 are being driven by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and other animal rights groups not only to change the requirements for owners who register their animals under Texas’ current Dangerous Wild Animal Act (DWA), but to add more animals to the list.

The DWA was originally written and eventually passed by Texas Humane Legislative Network, an HSUS ally and extremist off-shoot in Texas, masquerading as a bill to protect the public from owners of the listed Dangerous Wild Animals by registering them. Each session since it was originally adopted, there have been many attempts to amend it. Thankfully, all attempts have failed.

Currently only 26 of the 254 counties in Texas require registration for Dangerous Wild Animals; the rest have banned ownership. Each applicant for a DWA permit must register with their County Animal Control Authorities. 

Animal rights groups are circulating a flyer listing 18 alleged incidents in the last 20 years, not even one per year. And, keeping to their agenda, they fail to point out that several of these come from a time BEFORE any law was passed and many more come from areas where a ban is ALREADY in place. Even their own misleading “evidence” proves there is no crises! 

Passing these new bills HB1268/HB641 will not increase enforcement for those ALREADY in violation of the law. They will only harm those abiding by the laws. 

Aside from adding animals to the list of "Dangerous Wild Animals" and changing the existing registration requirements,   HB1268/SB 641 if passed would impose an unfunded mandate requiring the State to take over registration of the animals by creating a new agency to oversee the ALREADY existing and effective Act in place.

There is no need for the duplicity of this legislation, all to further an Animal Rights Agenda of eliminating the human-animal bond and ultimately, chipping away at animal ownership.

Please click the "SEND MESSAGE" link to send your letters to the Texas House Committee on Public Health and the Texas Senate Committee on Water and Rural Affairs urging them to vote NO on HB 1268/ SB 641.

We ask that you personalize the letter, but feel free to use the template as a guide. 

Thank you for opposing this deceptive, animal rights-driven legislation.