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Urge Your Congressman and Senators to OPPOSE H.R.5999/S.3220 Banning Exotic Animal Exhibitions Nationwide

If passed, this very deceptive legislation will destroy the conservation of endangered species in human care nationwide! H.R. 5999/S.3220 are bills created by those who have a motive to remove these animals from human care and whose ideology is based on emotion, not science or facts. Sadly, their ultimate goal is for the elimination of all animals from humane care and use.
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Ask Florida Governor DeSantis and Attorney General Moody to Investigate Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission's Collaboration With Animal Rights Groups Pertaining to Regulation and Oversight

Please send your letter to Florida Governor DeSantis and Florida Attorney General Moody by clicking the Send Message link below and ask that Governor DeSantis and Attorney General Moody investigate FWCC and their taking input and collaboration with animal rights groups pertaining to regulation and oversight over animal-related businesses in Florida.