Messages Sent So Far

King County Department of Economic Security (“DES”) Department of Licensing currently collects licensing information from dog and cat retail sales from Retailers that includes animal information and purchaser information.   DES Department of Health also has access to animal health records maintained by the Retailer of retail sale pets which includes veterinarian certification, breeder information, etc.

There is only one Pet Sale Retailer remaining in King County that sells puppies and that this Rule would currently affect.  Fairwood Pet Center, a woman-owned business,  already discloses all the information reference in the Rule regarding any pet sold including breeder information, veterinarian certification, microchip info, etc., however that information is only provided to the actual customer purchasing the animal, in addition to the DES Dept. of Licensing and the DES Dept. of Health.

The DES “Animal Control” Division whose primary government role is to collect stray animals and operate an animal shelter is now proposing a new Rule that would give “Animal Control” access to all private information associated with pet sales including animal information, private purchaser information, and private business information including sources of animals.  In addition, the proposed Rule would make the private business information, specifically the breeder information for the pets in inventory available to non-customers.

The Manager of the Animal Control Division in King County is Gene Mueller who is a known animal right extremist as outlined below.

Here are questions to consider:

  1. For what “legal” purpose does the Animal Control Department need this information.  What is the Animal Control Division’s mandate and how does this procurement of information fulfill that mandate?  Is this not exceeding the authority of this Department’s mandate?
  2. Under what legal basis and legal authority is Animal Control entitled to this information and what are you going to use it for and who will oversee what you are using the information for and what are the safeguards for the Customers and the Retailers should you misuse the information?
  3. Will the County be liable for damages should the information be used to interfere with and cause harm to other private businesses?
  4. What is the justification for using County funds for maintaining and inspecting this private information and what is the benefit to the County Citizens?  What areas of the Animal Control Annual Budget will be reduced to pay for this activity?
  5. Is this an “invasion of privacy” of the Retailers, Customers, Veterinarians of Record, and Breeders.  Does this put any or all of these parties at personal risk from animal rights extremists?  
  6. Aren’t the real benefactors of this private information the animal rights extremists who intend to use this private information to bring harm to potentially all of the parties but especially the breeders? Isn’t the obvious goal to cut off the sources of purebred puppies to the consumer market.
  7. How did this Rule Change get started?  Who started or instigated the activity?
  8. Who is Gene Mueller? 


Gene Mueller, Manager of Animal Control and a known animal rights extremist, is acting outside of the authority and mandate of his Department to gain access to private information that his Department wouldn’t normally have access to in order to create a database of information that can be used to attack the retailers, breeders, consumers affected in coordination of a Statewide effort to enact a ban on the retail sale of purebred pets starting with Dogs and Cats, but leading to birds, reptiles, fish, etc.  He will emphatically deny this, but we have the evidence to prove that this effort is ongoing and that legislation will be proposed in the next State of Washington Legislative Session.

With the prompting via email from just one woman activist in southern California, Dr. Gene Mueller, Manager, Regional Animal Services of King County, Washington is now working to promulgate a rule against our member, called the Pet Shop Disclosure to Consumers (read here), and we need your help to oppose it. (READ their email correspondence here)

 Gene Mueller has a long history of animal rights activism through his service on the board of the Chicago-based Anti-Cruelty Society and as former president of the Illinois SPCA. This action is an invasion of privacy of a law-abiding, regulated, and successful businesses with the intent to cut off the pet stores sources of puppies and other animals!

For even more information about this issue, Listen to this radio interview from Tuesday, May 15, 2018, with Mindy Patterson, President of The Cavalry Group on CSC Talk Radio with Beth Schoeneberg along with Angel and Dennis Ford owner of Fairwood Pet Center in King County, Washington.  CLICK HERE

This proposed Rule is asking for information that is already made available to the purchasers of puppies and kittens. Breeder information is also made available to King County officials, however, posting this information in the store for public scrutiny puts the breeders at great risk. The real benefactors of this private information are the animal rights extremists who intend to use this private information to bring harm to the breeders.