Urge Congress to VOTE NO on the deceptive amendment to the Horse Protection Act

Urge Congress to Vote NO on deceptive HR 1847 to amend the Horse Protection Act

The Prevent All Soring Tactics (P.A.S.T.) Act was written and sponsored by the Humane Society of the United States, an animal rights organization that seek to destroy all animal ownership.   

• HR 1847 vastly expands the jurisdiction of federal inspectors and calls for oversight without funding.   

• HR 1847 does NOTHING to address the problem of unethical participants who are already in violation of existing laws. 

• HR 1847  amends the Horse Protection Act which already imposes strong rules and regulations on the Tennessee Walking Horse Industry.  

• HR 1847 issues penalties based on the standards of the animal rights groups. 

• The economic impact of HR 1847 would be detrimental to farriers, veterinarians, feed and tack companies, restaurants, motels, retail stores, trailer/truck dealers, and many more businesses.   

• If passed, HR 1847 will remove all pads, weighted shoes, and all action devices from show horses of three specified breeds—Tennessee Walking Horse, Racking Horse, and Spotted Saddle Horse.  

In a year when Congress is looking for every possible way to create jobs and stimulate the economy, this misguided and deceptive bill would destroy what is left of the walking horse industry and do NOTHING to stop cruelty!  Let's enforce the laws we already have -- we don't need NEW laws!

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