Tell Rhode Island Legislators Not All Breeders Are "Pet Shops."

In 2016, Rhode Island Senate Bill 2801, overseeing the licensing and husbandry standards for dog breeders, classifies all breeders as "pet shops."  Rhode Island legislators have been fooled by propaganda intended to harm dog breeders and force them out of business by classifying them all as "pet shops."  It is no coincidence that this is happening at a time when legislation to ban the sale of puppies in pet shops is being passed at lighting speed across the nation.

I ask that you support Rhode Island SB 349 which fixes the flaw in the current legislation, SB 2801, by redefining the classification of dog breeders and removing the current classification as a "pet shop." SB 349 has the full support of the Rhode Island State Veterinarian. 

Please support and pass SB349 and protect professional dog breeders in Rhode Island and pet ownship across America. 

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