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Animal rights extremists in Virginia are pushing their deceptive agenda through legislation sponsored by Virginia Sen. Lynwood Lewis. SB 1204 is a ban on the sale of dogs and cats statewide, unless it is sorced from a "rescue."   HB 2116, the companion bill to SB 1204 is sponsored by Delegate Mark Keam. 

Key reasons to OPPOSE HB 2116/SB 1204 are

1) No one can purchase an animal from a shelter and then place it in another home for at least 6 mo

2) Any locality can ban any pet store or retail business from selling a dog or cat that was not sourced from a rescue. Under federal USDA regulation, home hobby breeders are now classified as "pet stores" and since all breeders, whether small hobby breeders or commercial breeders, are required to report their income on their tax returns. This bill would impact every breeder in the state of Virginia. 

These bills are very dangerous to all Virginians because the vast majority of rescued animals are not tracked in any way.    

While Virginians have big hearts, the fraud surrounding the rescue industry has repeatedly endangered the lives of Virginians over the years with sick imported "rescued" dogs and cats.  

In just the past several years, rescuers have imported rabid dogs into the state including a shipment of dogs and cats from foreign countries with forged paperwork. 

At a time when we are rolling back regulations in our nation, we ask that you oppose SB 1204, which is unneeded legislation which would cause more problems it claims it is intended to "fix." 



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