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An assault on pet ownership and production as SF 313 conforms to the Humane Society of the United States plan of incrementally prohibiting all pet ownership and all species animal production, agriculture animals eventually included in the main plan.  This affects ALL species not considered livestock or wild life as per Iowa code. 

Establishes two MORE classes of animal "abuse" and increase of penalties, putting more strain on an already over burdened judicial system.   Increasing crime categories and penalities has never prevented nor stopped any criminal activities.  NOTE: Most likely to be prosecuted under administrative law which is clearly UNconstitutional.     

SF 313 gives too much power and potential for government overreach of appointees based upon personal opinion and perception. Especially dangerous since there is no required husbandry training for those overseeing these circumstances of alleged "abuse." 

An animal warden may be appointed with no practical experience or knowledge in any animal related field, yet is given law enforcement powers. 

SF 313 does not provide a definition for its stated, "reckless behavior." 

SF 313, as written, mandates that ear cropping and tail docking could constitute abuse, and cruelty.

SF 313 punishes the innocent and promotes family break up by prohibition of the convicted person from owning or living in a home with animals for minimally three years.

SF 313 will continue to have an economic impact as animal owners and producers will continue to opt out of any animal ownership and/or production  due to either harassment or fear of unfounded prosecution.    

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