CALIFORNIA: OPPOSE AB 485: Mandates the Sale of Rescue Dogs, Cats, & Rabbits in Pet Shops

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California State Assembly Member Patrick O'Donnel is the Sponsor of AB 485, the Pet Rescue Adoption Act, which mandates all pet stores state wide to sell dogs, cats, and rabbits which have been sourced from rescues and shelters.  #RETAILRESCUE 

AB 485 is founded on the MYTH of pet overpopulation, which has been dispelled by the frequent importation of dogs pouring in from Mexico, Turkey, and Asian countries in order to have enough adoptable dogs in the United States. 

AB 485 seeks to benefit only non-for-profit shelters or rescues by forcing pet stores in California to source their animals from a shelters and rescues. This will strip away the ability to purchase a cat, dog or rabbit, the three top sellers in mammals, unless it comes through anything other than a sanctioned rescue. 

AB 485 removes the freedom of choice for the consumer forcing pet stores to obtain dogs from the unregulated source of rescues and shelters, where dogs are transported and relocated without any oversight, licensure, or inspections, and come from unknown histories, with potentially unknown pathogens, protozoans, and potential aggression and long term health issues. 

If you are a resident of the state of California, please add your zip code, click the link, and follow the easy steps to send your letter OPPOSING AB 485 to your state representative and senator today! Or call your member of the California State General Assembly today by clicking this link HERE.  

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