Protect America's Production & Manufacturing of Animal Agriculture Products! Support the King Amendment to the Farm Bill

America's Production & Manufacturing of Animal Agriculture Products are under attack by deceptive campaigns by animal rights extremists. Send your emails to Congress now to support the "Protect Interstate Commerce Act" (PICA) H.R. 4879 which has been included as a provision of H.R. 2, the "Farm Bill."

Congressman Steve King's Protect Interstate Commerce Act (PICA) legislation is designed to end unconstitutional efforts by some states to regulate the means of production or manufacture of agricultural goods in other states. 

As one such example, the State of California is attempting to prevent the sale of eggs that are raised in any state which does not adhere to California's burdensome regulations governing cage sizes, a regulation brought about by the Humane Society of the United States. Such restricutions are an unconstitutional infringement on Congress's constitutional authority to regulate interstate commerce

King's PICA legislation is necessary because without the protections that PICA provides, producers from states that are not required to comply with the activist-driven restrictions regulating the means of production of agriculture products are prohibited  to import such goods from other states that are not required to meet the same restrictions. 

This is a violation of the Commerce Clause brought forth in our U.S. Constitution, which is an enumerated power that exclusively  reserves to Congress the authority to regulate interstate commerce, and the state's are free to regulate intra-state commerce. In other words, Congress does not interfere with state laws within their state boundaries, however, it disallows using a state's regulation to regulate other states outside its state boundaries.   

PICA would prohibit trade wars between the states and restores free trade between our states. 

Please click the tab below to send your support of Congressman Steve King's PICA legislation as an Amendment to H.R. 2 (Farm Bill).