Show Your Support for the Welde Bears!

Dear Fair Directors, Managers, and Board Members:

The Welde Family are experiencing severe harassment and intimidation from the animal rights extremists at PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) who are working overtime to pressure the Weldes into shutting down the exhibiting of their bears both at home at Bearadise Ranch and away, as they travel to fairs and exhibits across America.

The Welde's four generations of expertise and dedication are evidenced by their years of upstanding inspections on record with both the United States Department of Agriculture and the Department (USDA) of Florida Fish and Wildlife.  

The invaluable education the Weldes bear show brings to thousands of Fairgoers each year helps to raise awareness and support for bears both in the wild and in domestic human care.

The Welde's bear show is more than just educational, it’s conservation-based which means the Welde Family work closely with local agencies regarding conservation efforts and take in and re-home bears in need, or bears displaced from their natural habitats.

The Welde Family are the ultimate bear advocates and promote conservation education through their shows, which are both engaging and insightful. Only at fairs and live animal exhibits can people of ALL ages and backgrounds have the unique and affordable opportunity fo view and experience these amazing animals up close while learning about these animals and the importance of true conservation of their species.

PETA's radical animal rights ideology is based purely on emotion, not facts or science. 

MYTH # 1: "Traveling is stressful for the bears."

Domesticated animals adapt easily to situations, and each bear has been acclimated and is comfortable traveling.

MYTH # 2: "Bears are forced to perform unnatural behaviors." 

All behaviors the Welde bears display in the exhibits are natural and a part of everyday bear life. 

MYTH #3: "Being kept in captivity is abusive and unnatural." 

The Welde bears are domestically bred and raised with people, they are not wild bears and could not survive in the wild on their own. 

MYTH #4: "The Welde's mistreat their bears to get them to perform." 

The Weldes have been training bears for decades, they are licensed and experienced bear handlers. Training is simply asking for a behavior then rewarding that behavior with a treat and praise. 

PETA is notorious for misleading the general public with emotionally charged misinformation which is nothing more than a fundraising tactic for this radical animal rights group. 

Please sign and share this petition in support of the Welde Family and their amazing bear show and help stop the online harassment of legal, reputable, and professional animal caregivers. 

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