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Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act (HR 1998) has been reintroduced for the 113th Congress. 

HR 1998 is a deceptive bill that does nothing to address public safety for people or big cats. There has been no case of a big cat leaving their property and going on the attack. In fact in 23 years, there has only been 21 incidents involving cats and people that knowingly put themselves into direct contact with the cat. 

HR 1998 would ban the breeding and ownership of big cats which will only put the health and wellbeing of big cat breeds further at risk.

The private sector actively participated in the Florida Panther re-introduction program and this program allowed the Florida Panther to be back on the road to recovery from near extinction.

The big cats in captivity today are the direct result of over 15 generations of successful captive breeding. No private facilities except AZA zoos or universities are taking these animals from the wild.

Private facilities have lower accident/fatality incidents than USDA, USDA/AZA and sanctuaries.  

H.R. 1998, Big Cats and Public Safety Protection Act  is a deceptive piece of legislation written to advance the animal rights agenda promoted by the Humane Society of the United States

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